TERA is an elegant carpet that blends into any contemporary interior. Made of eco-friendly shear wool by premium manufacturer Kvadrat, it is wear- and slip-resistent. It‘s intelligent surface recognizes movement patterns and transforms seamlessly into a fitness mat, activating a specially developed app.

TERA turns into a piece of high-tech exercise equipment with a multitude of functions. The circular shape of the mat is designed to accommodate the natural radius of human motion, making transitions between poses and keeping up the flow of the practice easier.

The intuitive concept of the TERA app guides the user through exercises and training units of different disciplines and with varying degrees of difficulty. Sensors register any pressure exerted on the mat, enabling accurate detection of the user's body and weight shifts.

An innovative LED lighting system shows how to perform the exercises correctly on the mat, while sensors record the training units, which are subsequently analysed with the TERA app. The training data can also be shared with a personal trainer in social media networks.

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